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Ajit Singh Bhalla, founder of Bhalla Dairy farms and Organic fertilizers had one simple thought - " Ishwar Hindustan ko hamesha Khushahaal rakhe."

He was a visionary, committed, energetic and hardworking entrepreneur who, after serving in the Indian Army, dedicated the rest of his life to the betterment of society. The core idea behind setting up the company was to develop dairy and agro-based industry in Madhya Pradesh. His pioneering efforts were recognized by the state government and he was conferred with many awards. A highly passionate man, he relentlessly till the age of 93 and added new dimensions to the dairy industry in the state.

We envision making great strides in the communities where people are deprived of the basic necessity of life, I.e. milk. The Economic Survey of India states that India ranks first in the milk production in the world. But it is sad to announce that a large proportion of the Indian population remains without access to milk. Even those who get to drink milk everyday are not quite sure about its quality. We work with the purpose of delivering top-quality milk and milk products to a larger segment of the Indian population. Along with the production of milk in a safe manner we also plan to provide organic fertilizers to the farmers so that we can promote healthy lifestyle among the people of India.

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw something away it must go somewhere.”

We also aim to reduce the waste on the mother earth by promoting waste recycling for compost and waste management.

Our mission is positioned to align with your values. We at the Bhalla Dairy Farm believe in connecting its growing network of farmers with the local population. We strive to deliver milk and milk products sourced from the local group of farmers to a wide population of India. We aim to connect people to the nature around them so that they use more of organic products such as fertilizers.

We aim towards building a brand of our own and create awareness about the benefits of milk and the use of organic products among the people of India. Despite having a narrow customer base we aim to reach a large part of Indian population in the near future. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to manufacture the milk products and organic fertilizers with sustainability for all.



  • Year 1965 - Mr. Ajit Singh Bhalla started his dairy business with just 2 cows.

  • Year 1970 - The company was established in Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

  • Year 2000 - Daily milk production reaches 2000 litres.

  • Year 2003 - Company's first milk collection center was set up in Allahabad.

  • Year  2012 - Producing compost using modern techniques

  • Year  2016 - Acquired  a Biogas plant in Jabalpur district and raised the annual turnover to 4 crore with an increased sale of 150000 bags

  • Year  2018 - With 300 cattle and production of 5000 litres of milk per day became MP's most prestigious dairy.

  • Year 2007 - Asia's first Biogas plant was set up in Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

  • Year 2009 - Bhalla Organic fertilizers starts operating in Satna, Madhya Pradesh

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Sanjeev Bhalla

Chairman and Director

He is a recognized face in dairy and agriculture industry across central India. He took over the responsibility of Bhalla Dairy Farms and Organic Fertilizers from his father, Mr. Ajit Singh Bhalla in the year 1986. Under his able leadership, the company has grown steadily to become a trusted name in the Industry.


Rohan Bhalla

Executive Director

A talented and ambitious young entrepreneur, he has brought in a fresh new thinking to the company manifesting into employment of latest equipment, word class manufacturing technologies and modern management practices.


Vikram Verma

Managing Director

He is one of those youth who turns problems into opportunities. With his talent, he increased the company's organic fertilizer business and gave it a credible identity.

"As Indians, we take pride that our country is one of the few with the capacity to cater to the growing global demand fpr safe, high-quality, sustainbly produced food. This spirit of optimism also drives our business reason for being-Our higher purpose. We served the industry that feeds the world, and its a responsiblity  that we're honored to uphold now and into the future . Through our products, we work towards improving people's health and our earth's soil, simultaneously, through seminars and demonstrations, we are also working towards giving the farmers right information about agriculture."

- Mr. Vikram Verma

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